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The goal of the Parc & Zoo du Reynou is not solely to give a closer look at a sample of the breathtaking variety of animal and plant life forms,but also to raise awareness on the importance of animal protection and preservation. At a time when the preservation of biodiversity is a priority recognized by all, we actively contribute to the protection of nature.

Conservation, education… its missions take many forms. They begin in the park and reach the world’s endangered species’ natural habitats. They also invite you to committed…

Wildlife conservation and animal well-being


Wildlife conservation and raising public awareness on the importance of biodiversity are two essential missions of the Parc & Zoo du Reynou.

As members of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria,we collaborate with various European zoos and participate in exchanges between the member organizations in order to preserve the lineage of the species and to avoid the consanguinity of individuals. We support science research in relation with universities and contribute to public education on environment preservation.

We perceive a zoological park as a sanctuary and we defend the animal’s right to well-being. Our enclosures are adapted to the needs of the species they shelter. We try to replicate their natural habitat and give them access to activities adapted to their abilities. Their spaces allow them to hide if they feel like it…

True to our commitment to the defense of biodiversity, we allow nature to blossom as freely as possible all around the 100 ha of the park. 

Education and awareness


In terms of education and awareness, the Parc & Zoo du Reynou advocates for an engaged approach in the relationship between the animals and the visitors. A zoo is an opportunity for both young and old to discover a world of wild animals and plants. Our park containing 600 representatives of 130 animal species, is far more than just a showcase.

The park’s purpose is to promote an awareness of wildlife conservation issues worldwide. In addition to the numerous educational boards allowing visitors to deepen their knowledge, it relays the actions of protection organizations operating in the native countries of endangered species. Team members are also available for visitors to answer any questions they may have.



The association ARCHE contributes to programs for the preservation of species in their original ecosystem. In this way, the Parc & Zoo du Reynou helps several Non-Governmental Organizations working to protect wildlife in areas of high biodiversity, to protect the species in their original environment.

ARCHE’s actions so far have allowed financial support to these associations:

  • Snow Leopard Trust, in support of snow leopards in 12 Central Asian countries.
  • WildCats Conservation Alliance, in support of tigers and panthers in Asia.
  • Red Panda Network, in favor of red pandas in Nepal
  • ACOPAZOA, in support of white-handed tamarins in Colombia
  • Polar Bear International, in support of polar bears
  • Lowland Tapir Conservation Initiative, in support of South American tapirs in Brazil
  • AB Conservation, in support of Binturongs in Southeast Asia
  • EAZA, through the various awareness campaigns conducted in the Parc & Zoo du Reynou