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Amid the ongoing pandemic, we are delighted to welcome you in compliance with the COVID-19 health protocol.
The purpose of these measures is to prevent the spread of the virus, if present, among visitors and members of staff. Visitors are required to take protective measures, as decreed by the government, as well as practise common sense for a safe and enjoyable visit. We are applying rules on social distancing, limited physical contact and hand sanitising (in the event of inevitable contact).

Health Pass Info

Following the government’s latest decisions, a health pass for those aged 12 years and 2 months and over is required to access the Zoo Parc du Reynou.

What is the health pass ?

The health pass is a document you need to present upon entering the park, along with your ID. This document is proof that you meet one of the following three requirements:
1. Full vaccination course against COVID-19 under an approved programme + 7 days
2. Proof of a negative RT-PCR or antigen test from less than 72 hours
3. Evidence of recovery from COVID-19, from at least 11 days and less than 6 months

The health pass can be presented at park reception in paper format (proof of vaccination, RT-PCR test, etc.) or in digital format, via the TousAntiCovid mobile app.

Please note that you are not required to present a health pass in order to stay at the Lodges du Reynou. However, if you wish to visit the park while staying in one of our lodges, this document will be mandatory to gain access to the zoo.

You can find the list of testing sites in Haute-Vienne and their admission information by clicking

Chemists can carry out antigenic tests on site, upon presenting your Carte Vitale.

One of these locations is the Aprium Debest Pharmacy located inside the Carrefour Boisseuil Shopping Centre, just 3.8 km from the Zoo Parc du Reynou.

Walk-in tests can be carried out from 10am to 12pm and from 2pm to 6:30pm.

Phone number: +33 (0)5 55 06 93 52

Protective measures remain applicable inside the park


Services designed to ensure visitor and staff safety

From admission onwards

• Only one family group admitted at a time.
• Minimum distance of 1 metre in the queue.
• Masks mandatory for those aged 6 and over.
• Contactless payments preferred.
• ANCV holiday vouchers accepted.



• One family group at a time (5 people maximum).
• Masks mandatory for those aged 6 and over.
• Hand sanitising mandatory upon entering.
• Contactless payments preferred.



• Masks mandatory for those aged 6 and over when ordering.
• Hand sanitisers available.


Public toilets

• Masks mandatory
• Hand sanitisers, soap and water available.
• Disposable paper towels available.


Activities and entertainment

• Activities and entertainment are maintained for up to 10 people. Zoo explorateurs (zoo explorers), Zoo Lodgeurs (Zoo Lodgers) and Anniversaire (Birthday) activities are maintained. 9 participants maximum.
• Educational activities for school groups are possible in line with the health protocol.
• The Soigneur d’un jour (Healer for a day) and Soigneur d’un jour Junior (Healer for a day Junior) activities will resume as soon as the park reopens on May 19, 2021.



The Lodges du Reynou

• Masks mandatory upon reception.
• Only one family group admitted at a time.
• Lodges aired daily.
• Surfaces and contact points sanitised daily.
• Bed linen and toilets washed at over 60°.
• Card payment terminals sanitised after each use.
• Limited contact with staff, but of course we remain at your disposal if needed.